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A realistic small-scale food setup, super advanced and, complete diet. :)

A realistic small-scale food setup, super advanced and, complete diet. :)


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[Anonymous] has changed the topic to: :June 4th, 2014: ‪#‎Join‬ ‪#‎Opalternative‬ here and on other IRCs <anon_che> 2 sites up for cities, http://anonns.zapto.org/_index , http://freedomnexus.zapto.org, forum site http://opalternative.tk , art http://flickr.com/photos/opalternative , github http://github.com/opalternative

Yes - these pics help the idea. What does your house look like, plus a pic of me :D 6.4.2014 freedom shares  -day. With, for anonymous. :) Join us

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I honestly think and have seen enough that the human race can evolve past capitalism. I’ve been here long enough that what people use to care and think about just doesn’t matter, money will become sort of, irrelevant. an embarassing testiment to the past. I think that’s what we’re all here for, right?

A gif! #freedom

A gif! #freedom

From Lexie&#8217;s blog. @lexxieeesays &lt;3 http://loveandmakebelieve.tumblr.com/

From Lexie’s blog. @lexxieeesays <3 http://loveandmakebelieve.tumblr.com/

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The Food Forest in Seattle — City decides to allocate land for urban food growing.

What is the Food Forest in Seattle?
Seattle presents a wonderful precedent whereby a city working with a land trust could preserve a large area in the center of the city.

These urban farm projects are expanding and broadening in different types of community gardens, with a 90% reported demand in increase in community gardens. Neighborhood gardens are still in most of the categories, and the small gardens are trying to do the most. Benefits from community gardening are a connection with nature, physical exercise, health and nutrition, self esteem, environmental education, personal growth, inter-cultural communications, therapy, job training, income generation, art, diet… Food production and access, Social engagement for well-being, and nutrition/improved diet, education really stand out in terms of bottom-up surveys of the real benefits.

One thing in this country as we go through this overturn of a dysfunctional government and economy is that gardening is something that we SHOULD have a lot of faith in. How can we get more of these happening in public and private locations around Oakland?

Environmental - Social - Economic Justice

Those who have to take action are those that are most affected by our dysfunctional food system.

Eric Holtz-Gimenez, Food First.

@Gill Farm Collective:

Here is a wildly successful example of using Community Land Trust model in madison, wi.  it actually incorporated mixed-income CLT housing on a 31 acre site.  but similar political situation w/ an underutilized parcel of land.