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From the feature story: Unemployment, Inc.: Six reasons why America can’t create jobs.
Slow Money

is a movement to organize investors and donors to steer new sources of capital to small food enterprises, organic farms, and local food systems.

Daily #Compost Alchemy: Extra.

Up early in the morning, with

extra phone battery, chargers;

extra toaster;

extra coffee;

2 notebooks open;

3 extra fence posts (and more at the farm);

extra money in the bank and $6 in the wallet;

I can give extra food to my animals;

extra cake for me.

Feed the dog, Extra time in the AM

Bounty Season.

Advice, this from a business review blog

A series of new studies conducted by Stanford Business School’s Zak Tormala and Uma Karmarkar and published recently in the Journal of Consumer Research suggest that rather than the most confident sounding expert being the most persuasive it is often the recommendations and advice from experts that are themselves uncertain, that will be more compelling.

Their series of studies found that an experts’ influence over others increases when that expert expresses minor doubts about their advice and opinions. They found that this effect was particularly acute when an expert’s advice concerned subjects or situations where there was no one single clear or obvious answer.

Source : http://bit.ly/jElvGk (via @Terrillific) - #FF

Business plan for sheep

Woot! The upgrade to a real farm has me doing some sheep this year. We will see how the season goes, transitioning into grad school and, wool sheep.



Job and Work

George Jones Farm! Woo! Have work there with seedlings, greenhouse space to start stuff, and a place to farm sheep. Now, a part time job, anyone?