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Getting experience. My guide is the result of one and a half years in organic gardening. If you read it, you will be able to start growing your own product and selling it. It covers food safety, backyard and community gardening how-to, and arranging direct sales. There’s plenty of ways to start growing things :) As special readers I bring you: Eddie’s guide 9-27, look for updates :) http://eddiemill.files.wordpress.com/2011/10/eddies-guide-9-27.doc

Agroecology and the Right to Food : “Agroecological farming methods could double global food production in just 10 years, according to a report from the United Nations.” This one, describing results from the literature and making a recommendation to #public #policy. It’s a recommendation to the UN. : http://www.srfood.org/images/stories/pdf/officialreports/20110308_a-hrc-16-49_agroecology_en.pdf

Agricultural carbon sequestration has the potential to substantially mitigate global warming impacts. http://t.co/nKEArL5I

Organic for development I do not pretend to know yet, and cannot generalize across all microclimates. It seems that if the small farmer does not have access to tractor or horse, cultivating field crops by hand will not bring high returns on labor; so they would be better off with a crop with little weed management like tree crops, or a high-value crop like vegetables. It seems also that a balance between providing a diverse diet and some cash crop must be maintained on most farms. For low-income, few production implement, small-acreage farmers, intensive monoculture is not preferable, which is an uncertain market which requires service costs higher than the farmer’s return to labor. Only after information has been gathered and understood can an analyst plan appropriate changes in a farming system. Farm development is not synonymous with commercialization, increased income, amounts of cash inputs, or farmer participation in credit programs because more cash flow across the farm boundary does not necessarily indicate increased farm productivity and family well-being. These insights, and others, are partially based off of a great book, Small Farm Development.

The Rodale New Farm is beautiful.

Other studies from Rodale: