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How Vegetables Can Help Fight Allergies

For all the maladies of nature, a cure exists around the corner. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Creeping Charlie AKA Crabgrass AKA that broad-round-leafed plant that is creeping into the edge of your garden, acts as a mild anti-histimene if taken orally through tea prepared for 8-13 minutes. 

2. Mullen is a root of a plant that can be boiled up, then reduced to a simmer and served after 30 minutes. It is supposed to help also. Mullen and creeping charlie would be a fine tea.

3. I also hear good things about Marshmallow Root, no idea how to prepare it. Real marshmallows are not made from it, but rather horse’s hooves and sugar.

4. STINGING NETTLES is the best possible cure for me. Pick leaves carefully (it will sting YOU if it can) from a stinging nettle plant, and spread them to dry or use them green. Get plenty, because you can also use it as an edible green.  Boil water then pour it over 3-4 leaves. Leave it (use patience!) for a few minutes and then pour through a strainer. (eat the leaves!) The tea’s aroma will instantly clear up your head allergies.