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On stress and karma, an excerpt from “on becoming an Alchemist”

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"Stress is a major factor in many of the illnesses that afflict Americans, and our jobs are a frequent source of this stress. If we are getting sick from job stress, the most sensible remedy might be to quit the job, but people usually don’t. Why? Part of the reason is that they need the health insurance that comes with the job. Why? To pay for the treatment of the illnesses that come with the job! Try watching TV commercials from this perspective. Half of them are promoting products or activities that are likely to make you fat or stressed or sick, while the other half are promoting remedies for these conditions. Who benefits from this vicious circle?

The Corporation. It makes you sick, then sells you the remedy, meanwhile keeping you enslaved as a worker so you’ll have the means to pay for what makes you sick and what supposedly makes you better. … The circle above results from a collective lack of awareness. Those who happen to profit are merely our fellow sleepwalkers. The supposed beneficiaries of the whole thing are just as bewildered as  it’s victims.”

All phenomena are interconnected. an infinitesimal change in one phenomenon will reverberate throughout the entire web. Even a slight “flutter” of consciousness is disruptive to an unconscious system.” Click “reblog” if you agree!